A Look Book for Chubby Girls

Can I just admit something? I’ve been watching a lot of Queer Eyes lately and I have to say, Tan is influencing my wardrobe a little more, with each passing day. Not that I had an appealing sense of fashion before the “enlightenment”. My mom’s quite a fashionista herself, so we can say that the knack for dressing well kind of runs in the family. 

However, I’ve gained a lot of weight in the past years, blame it on bad eating habits, an unhealthy lifestyle with no workout routine and episodes of stress eating. With chunks of body fat came heaps of insecurities. Not going to lie, there have been days that I sat in a changing room of a random store and cried because none of the clothes that I had picked out, fit me. To be honest, I’ve always been on the chubby end of the spectrum for as log as I can remember, even when I use to play basketball regularly. 

With being forever chubby came the art of dressing in clothes that compliment my body type and I know there are days that being fat can really take a toll on one’s mental health. So, this one is for all of my sisters who love to look good and feel good about themselves. Here’s to kicking insecurity in its guts. I’ve compiled a look book of 5 ways a chubby girl, like myself can dress up and walk out of the house like they are the very definition of oomph. 

  1. Pick a Shift

Rather than going for a bodycon that would put all of out chub on display or for a tent dress that would make us look larger than we are, try and pick a Shift or, commonly known as, straight fitting dresses. They will hide the parts we aren’t comfortable flaunting and can be worn on a daily basis. They are comfortable, too. If you’re picking something to wear to work try and go for neutral colours, and if you’re willing to step a bit out of your comfort and try bright colours on a bright and sunny day, pick a red or a yellow. Light, shift dresses make for amazing summer outfits.

2. Go with the Flow

If a friend’s wedding, an anniversary dinner or an annual company event is around the corner and you’re not sure about what to wear let me tell you something. You can never fo wrong with a flowy, Empire or A-Line dress. Especially, if you have an hourglass body type, these styles will put more emphasis on your curves while the flowy fabric of the dress would elegantly cover plumped up bits. If it’s a day event, I suggest you pick pale shades such as baby pink, lavender or lime. Deep hues such as maroon and bottle green or even golden, if you’re feeling extra, are better for events held in the evening. 

3. Layers

If you’re not yet familiar with it, let me introduce you to the magic of layers. A layered up look can fix almost every look. Want to wear a cute tank top but are feeling uncomfortable? put a denim shirt on top of it. Have to go for a meeting? Put on a trendy blazer. Feel uneasy in fitting jeans or a dress? Put on a long cardigan or a kimono. They are good option for dressing modest, too.

Make your outfit pop by adding a vibrant layer on top of your neutrals. Turquoise blue and peach are some really great colours to pair with a monochrome base. 

4. Pencil Skirts

These babies are your best friends when it comes to skirts. Irrespective of the material, pencil skirts are going to give your body more definition and make you look sharp, overall. You can wear pencil skirts basically anywhere; be it work, lunch, girls night out or a date. These babies never go out of fashion. 

A formal and casual way of wearing pencil skirts

5. Black Jack 

This isn’t as much a style suggestion as it is pointing to the fact that the colour black will make any and all kinds of outfits look good. Be it a top, a dress or a skirt, you will rock just about anything if it is black. Black doesn’t have a season, it isn’t bound by a time of the day. You can wear it any time and anywhere, and look just fabulous. 

Some other outfits you try are, overalls and jumpsuits in dark shades such as navy blue; long, chiffon button downs and satin bardot tops. For more inspiration and ideas, please follow by Instagram account @shifali_fifi_singh. If there’s anything you guys would love for me to write about, I’m open to any and all suggestions. 

PS: If you’re comfortable in your skin and love to wear anything and everything, more power to you girl. You’re the real inspiration. I mean to offend no one with this article. 

PPS: Also, please be expecting a lot of Queer Eyes reference and GIFs in my blogs, going forward. I love the show and I love the fab 5.  😛 

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