Can We Pretend That Airplanes in the Night Sky are Like Beauty Spas?

I did it you guys! I tried it out. Was I uncomfortable? Well, yeah, a tad. But did I like it? Absolutely loved it.

Do you get a rush by putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation? I most definitely do. Talking to random people about how I like their tattoos or the colour of their shoes, wearing something catchy that I wouldn’t wear on a mundane Sunday, going grocery shopping with a full face of makeup, just because. It’s probably one of my favourite things to do, putting myself in a funny spot and trying out random things.

The latest thing I tried has been inspired from a recent trend where social media influencers indulge themselves in a beauty and skincare routine on a flight. So, when they reach their destination they look as flawless as ever, like weren’t sleeping in a plane with an open mouth and a bed head, a few minutes ago.

Up until now, my routine had been to get off the flight, go to the powder room at the airport after all the airport shenanigans and touch up my lipstick a little before heading out. Clearly, that’s not enough anymore.

  1. It makes you feel good about yourself
  2. It keeps you occupied while you’re on the plane this is especially true of a long flight when you’re done watching movies, having your meals and reading your books
  3. It does make you look flawless and glamorous by time you roll your suitcase out of the airport

    There aren’t as many disadvantages to it, except for maybe, people beside and behind you would give you looks. However, they are people, it is what they do anyway. So, does it really even matter? Chances are you are never seeing them again but in their memory you will forever be that whacked person on the airplane who was being extra with their makeup routine.

    All the products in my skin care kit

    Would you have to splurge? Not necessarily, unless you want to. I picked up all of my products from the airport at Boots. I bought Botanics‘ Hydration Burst Face Mask that cost me all of AED 15, a Garnier Micellar Make-Up Remover for another AED 15 and Sukin Facial Moisturiser for about AED 23 and that was all the splurging I did. It really doesn’t have to be an expensive experience for it to be fun and fruitful. I was carrying my makeup from home, so there was no spending on a lipstick. Anyway, I don’t prefer doing heavy makeup while travelling so I keep to a bare minimum, like the eyeliner and lipstick.

    Although, here’s a tip: If your flight is departing from Dubai International Airport or from London Heathrow Airport, do stop by at MAC’s kiosks, lipsticks and other makeup products from MAC are cheaper at the airport than in malls and show rooms, as far as my experience goes.

    Coming back to the on-board skin care routine, anybody can do it at anytime between take off and landing. The most preferable time would be about half an hour to 25 minutes before landing, so you look and feel as fresh as ever.

    I know, it’s likely that you’d come across more girls and women doing such “activities”. I do, however, believe that there is no shame if a guy or a man treats himself to a grooming routine. Use some facial sheets, apply some face cream and maybe, if you have a beard, rub some beard oil in there and some gel in your hair. I assure you, you will look sharper when you exit from the plane. Probably even more than when you entered it. Yeah, you don’t have to make a video like me and a lot of other people. Anyway, if you do end up making a video, maybe that would be a beginning of something?

    Again, would people judge you? Most probably; but is that going to effect you in anyway? I don’t think so.

    Finally, I’m just going to leave you readers with a clichéd yet important message, do what makes you happy. Those who have to judge will find something to judge, anyway and if people feel like you’re embarrassing them, good, sometimes an embarrassing situation is just what someone needs to be in, to help them widen their perspective on life and the little things that make us happy.

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